Man, Have we been busy! Part 1- Chickens Galore

Things have been busy on the homestead during the last month. We finished fencing paddock #1, got the barn ready and moved the horses over, and have 16 laying hens/pullets and 32 meat chickens in the garage in modified dog kennels that are working as intermediate spaces between the brooder and the coop/chicken tractor. Our … Continue reading Man, Have we been busy! Part 1- Chickens Galore

We have our first livestock!!!

The Hogan Homestead is officially a "farm"... well, sorta. Today, Jen and I drove up to Mt Healthy Hatcheries to pick up our order of chicks! We ordered 12 one-day-old pullets (female chickens- aka, future laying hens). Note- this post, and some of our other posts in the future- may contain affiliate links through … Continue reading We have our first livestock!!!