What have we gotten ourselves into?!

I love everything about our new place. I love the rustic barns and the potential oozing out of some of the dusty areas in the haylofts. See the before pictures, taken today, above.

But, today, we started cleaning up the barn. We are trying to get it “horse-ready” by mid-April. But, looking around and the unsteady planks and dusty hay loft, we both started feeling a bit overwhelmed.

My Mom and Grandparents were going to come down next weekend to help us build our electric fences and get the stalls together. But, due to COVID19, it isn’t smart or safe for anyone to travel right now.

I understand why they aren’t coming but I was really looking forward to the help because my Nana and Papaw can fix anything! Besides that that, Nana and my Mom are the most energetic and producitve people that I’ve ever met- and I know that they’d have everything together in no time!

So now, it’s just Jen and I. We are hoping to hire some help (cheaply if possible) and put up an electric fence around the top paddocks. In the meantime, we’ll work on getting a stall or run in built for our horse(s). I am trying to tell myself that we need to work on getting things functional- beauty comes later!

Wish us luck! We’d also love to hear any suggestions, tips, or tricks!

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